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we need user permission for ANDROID APP.

We need following permissions from user to provide better services on our Android App:
  • Devices Location
    App use your available Wifi/Wireless network to provide better accuracy for GPS other wise we use mobile network to provide better accuracy and connectivity.
  • Send and View SMS messages
    Our App need your permission for SMS service for the authenticating you using OTP service as well as protect misuse of your information.
    SMS and CALL Facility
    We are using service for the emergency purpose . We have developed SOS service for passenger safety and security to provide comfortable service.
    A provision of emergency sms to app authority will be available to take immediate actions to provide passengers’ safety like car accidents, car break down, women safety, abuse of passengers by drivers, rough driving, sudden illness of passengers or drivers. This sms is to be send a particular support number (9230553570).
    We are using sms service for user authentication and verification at time of login and Phone no verification for registration process.
    Authentication :
    When a registered user tries to login to access the account there is a OTP based authentication method which can verify the phone no and read the OTP (4 digit) to confirm the user identity.

    Verification :
    When a new user registers to our App, phone verification can help authenticate identity. a new user who downloads our app and registers a new account will receive a 4 digit OTP via a messaging service and to be read automatically in our app on their device to complete the user registration process. This step links a user and their device.

    Forget/Reset passwords: When a user logs in to an app from an unknown or alternative device (i.e. with a different device from the one registered in their profile) and requests a password reset, sending 4digit OTP to verify the user’s identity can help reduce fraud and identity theft. For example, Gmail uses this process to verify your identity via your mobile phone number whenever a login attempt originates from an unknown device.
  • Your INTERNET connection needed to communicate with server.
  • Your GPS permission needed to tracking, navigation with google map api.So that driver can locate you and pickup from your location.
  • use insomnia to restrict to kept away from sleep mode.
  • enable background service use for location tracking for google map api.
  • At the time of emergency service app needed to ask call permission.
  • App needed your phone identification to provide you proper notification for quality experience.The app cannot be used this without your permission.
  • Take picture and record video
    app ask for the permission for the camera and media library for user profile picture update only. Its easier for identify driver as well as rider .
  • Record Audio
    We implement speech to Text system for location searching.We using this feature for voice search in google map api. Its also help for blind people.
  • Text to Speech - TTS to notify the confirmation of seat booking.

How to use 

1.       Download and install the app from the google play store.

2. Before using the application please check your internet connection. without an internet connection, App can’t give you a pleasant service. Because the app connects to the server through your internet connection.

3.       Register/Login yourself as a rider.

a.       Register: anyone can register himself as a rider. It is an OTP enabled registration process to authenticate a user and his phone number verification. At the time of registration, the app asks for SMS permission. Users can cancel and allow permission. Without allowing the permission app cam make you registered. In this situation, the user can contact the help center and register himself from our help center.

b.      Login: there are two types of login procedures. one is OTP based and another is password-based.        

4.       Profile

There is a menu section in the top left corner of the app where they can find their profile. 

 When a user logged In in this system user can view/verify his/her profile. If they want to change any of this they can do himself/herself Or they can contact the mentioned help center. 

In this section, they can update their profile picture or leave as it is. If they want to update their profile picture at the time of updating their profile image the App as for the camera and media library for access. Allow permission depends on the user. 

5.       View route map before search.

In the menu section, users can find a route map where clearly mention the all route in pictorial format for their better understanding.  We suggest before searching the route please see the route map section. It will help with proper searching. If there is any issue please contact the mentioned help center number.

6.       search according to your destiny.

Here users can find Three types of service.

  1. Office sharing bus service.

  2. Intercity Pool car service.

  3. Car rental.


       If they select any option they can find a search pick and drop location search with a journey date. This search can help users to find the best route for them. When a user selects a pick location/drop location box app, send it to the next page and ask for permission to allow for Location and record audio. In the sear section, users can type themselves Or using the speech search option. If a user can't use the speech search option then they can cancel the permission. anytime they can enable this option.

Location sharing App asks for allowed location. App uses this service to find the best route for a user and the nearest stoppages. Here users can use the current location-based option or they select their own choices.

Stepwise Search: 

1. Choose select Pick/ Drop Location

2. Select current location / preferable location

     Preferable location :

Search in the by drag the pointer / write your address or stoppage/ user speech search option. wait till map response than a select button on the screen “SELECT LOCATION”, select this button to save your location.

Same way to search in Drop location.

6.       Select a suitable route and time slot

After completing the previous process App give you a suitable route with time. 

Here clearly mention the route time, Pick up location - drop location. etc.  A user can select/ choose their best route and car then reserve their seat.

7.       select your preferable seat - 

After completion, the route selection system asks for the seat selection option.

Here they can choose preferable seats. In this section, Users can see the car seat combination. Here they can see the seat availability, booked seats. Also mentioned seats no clearly.

Stepwise. Choose seat > book your seat 

There were some restrictions: one user can book 2 seats at a time for a particular route at a time.  

8.  Confirmation : 

App asking for the confirmation of your booking details before payment. Here clearly mention where to where your booking. fare, taxes, the total amount.

Apply coupon code option  - if users have any coupon code they can apply to avail the coupon discount.

       9. Payment Page :

There are two types of payment options. 

  1. Direct Pay

  2. Pay through Wallet

Direct Pay - Redirect to the payment gateway for payment. 

Wallet - If the user has wallet balance they can use wallet payment for the booking .

Referral wallet - If a user earns a referral point they can use 10% of the total billing amount.

       10. Completion - 

After completion of the payment, App sends SMS and notification of the confirmation of booking and mail the invoice to users given mail id at the time of registration.

Notification / SMS Confirmation

All notifications sent to the user from time to time. They can see all their notifications at the notification section -  booking confirmation, start the ride , end ride, any special updates also send them to their register mobile no.

My rides 

In my ride section, users can search for the upcoming ride, complete ride, today's ride, canceled ride with details. There is a filtering option to easily short all booking related information.

How to cancel ride : 

Step wise : 

Myrides >> select ride which they want to cancel >> open details >> scroll down >> there was a cancel ride option .

Note: Users are able to cancel their ride before 15 min to schedule time. if any emergency for the cancellation please contact the mentioned help center. 

After cancelation money is debited to the user's wallet within 24 hrs. but referral balance can’t be debited. Offer can be debited It will single use only.

If a user is trying to transfer his fund to his own bank account then the user can send a request to us for transfer and the amount. It will take 4- 7 days to transfer. 


Payment details and wallet 

Menu >> My wallet

In this section, users can see all the payment details like cancel history, refund history,    bank transfer history, All debit and credit amount.

Refer & Earn 

Here users can view their referral balance. referral trams condition, referral offer.How to refer and earn.

App Features ::

OTP functionlity to authenticate users using SMS Plugin.

Location access using GPS Tracking, Device Tracking

Direct Call functionalty service for Emergency SOS service to notify the users.

Access device camera for Profile picture upload from user account.

Access device camera for QR code scan purpose to confirm seat booking for passengers.

Access microphone to search location using voice regonization. This feaute is specilly desinged for blind passengers.

This is an electronic document prepared, keeping in mind the terms of Information Technology Act, 2000, the rules mentioned henceforth as applied and amended regulations following the electronic records in different statutes as per the variations in the Information Technology Act, 2000. This record is electronically generated through a computerized system and doesn't need any digital and physical signatures.

This document has been published following the provisions stated in Rule 3(1) of Information Technology Rules (Intermediate Guidelines), 2011, requiring the publishing of Terms of Use for accessing or using the mobile application or app.

The app is under the ownership of _______

As you continue to use this app, you are accepting the terms and conditions for use, as mentioned below, that, along with our privacy policy, will monitor your relationship with Redyrider, relating to the App and the Services provided by it, as explained below.


For the motive of the Terms of Use, in any required context, "User" or "You" would mean any legal or natural entity visiting or viewing the app or has registered to the app as a user. The pronouns "Us", "We" or "Our" will stand for the App.

"Services" will specify the transport provided to the user or the vehicles owned by the Operator through the Redyrider App.

"Operator" will stand for any company/individual/proprietorship/sole/firm with a contract permit under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 or another authorized by a person holding such a permit.

"Vehicle(s)" will stand for the transportation owned by the Operator, that is available to the User through the App.

"Payment Facility" stands for third party payment processors, online monetary transactions through bank credit or debit cards, wallets and other e-commerce platforms or payment networks and gateways as authorized by the Reserve Bank of India, to propel Credit purchase on the App.


The terms of use are applicable to the services offered on the App, along with surplus terms and conditions that may apply to specified service services used or availed by user(s). In case of any irregularity or a conflict between any regulation of the terms and conditions mentioned hereby along with that of a particular service, the regulation of the terms and conditions applied to these specific services will hold.


We, under Our discretion, reserve the rights to modify, change, remove, or add parts of these Terms of Use anytime without issuing any notices prior to the modification written to You. It will be the User's responsibility to review these updates and changes from time to time. Your continued usage of the App after the posted changes will signify your acceptance of and agreement with the updated terms and conditions. If You comply with these Terms if Use, We assure You a non-exclusive, personal, limited, non-transferable privilege to use the app.




  2. User(s) signifies any person or business organization entity that operates legally in India or in some other countries, who is engaged in usage and has secured the rights to use the Services of this App for non-commercial and for personal uses.
  3. If You are registered on the App as a business organization or entity, You signify that You are authorized duly by the said business entity to agree with the Terms of Use and therefore have authority to apply the business organization or entity to the Terms of Use of this App.
  4. The Services provided on the App can be availed by only those individuals or entities or companies who can carry out legally binding contracts under the law that is applicable. The User(s) hence cannot be a minor according to the Indian Law. So, the User(s) must be minimum 18 years of age to be able to use our Services.
  5. Redyridersuggests its User(s) to abide by the laws while using the App. Redyrider will not take any responsibility for any liability caused by Your actions while using the App. Redyrider, however, may, under its discretion, not provide any Services to the User(s) at any given time or even block access of User(s) to the App.


  2. Redyrider has reserved the rights to gather any user data (name, contact, other details) via the App or other apps for facilitating the availability of Services. All the information collected will have a bonafide basis. You accept that Redyrider may contact You through call or texts (including automatic phone dialing system) at the phone numbers You provide or that have been provided on your behalf to your Redyrider account made with the App (“Redyrider account”), for marketing purposes as well.
  3. You alone are fully responsible for maintaining confidentiality, for using and for the security of your Redyrider account, user name, password and for denying access to your mobile.
  4. The Services provided by the app will solely be used by You for your legal personal use and You are not to will not sell it to another party or attempt to hack the App or try to reverse engineer, or even encourage any other to do so while benefiting the Services. Redyrider has unilatearal and irreversible rights to deny the Services to the User and/or block them, even to inflict a penalty or fine or go for any other legal course or otherwise, as available to Redyrider under the laws that are applicable, in case it is found that the User is charged with any sort of fraud, illegal action, misusing the app, cheating or other misconducts.
  5. You cannot transfer, assign, license, sublicense, distribute, sell or commercially exploit and make the Services of the App available to any other party.
  6. You accept that if You give away any inaccurate information that may be false and outdated, or if We suspect that any information as such is false, inaccurate, outdated or incomplete, or not in compliance with this Terms of Use, Redyrider will have the right to revoke or block access to the App and its Services for an indefinite period. Wrong use and misrepresentation of contact details or identity shall lead to indefinite revocation of Services and to not grant access to the App without any prior notice to the User(s).
  7. Any discount availed through promo codes, offers or collected reward points can be repealed without providing any prior notice in case of any suspicious activity observed on the account or any malicious intent on the User's behalf or expiration of the period offered by Redyrider for these promotions, discounts and other offers. Under its sole discretion, Redyrider may create promotional or referral codes which can be availed for future discounts on Services or the Services of a third party or other benefits complying with the Services of a third party provider, that can be subjected to any surplus terms that Redyrider or the third party may apply time and again. Hence, you accept that Promo Codes (i) should be used in a lawful manner for the intended purpose and audience; (ii) cannot be sold, copied or transferred or made available to the general public (by posting or publishing the same on any sort of public platform), unless permitted by Redyrider. (iii) maybe disabled by Redyrider for any cause at any time without any liability to Redyrider; (iv) can only be used complying with the terms prescribed by Redyrider for such Promo Codes; (v) may or may not be valid for cash; and (vi) can expire before You use it. Redyrider has reserved the rights to subtract or withhold credits or other features or benefits that you may have obtained through referrals or Promo Codes or any other User in an event that, as determined by Redyrider, may be an error, illegal, fraudulent or violating the Terms of Use, in the use of the Promo Codes.

 7. Redyrider has entitlement to the verification of the information that provided by You and to deny the Services or the use of the App to You without reason.

  1. In case the system is not able to provide a unique identity for You against an e-mail ID or a valid mobile number or for any other contact details, as prescribed by Redyrider from time to time, the account shall be indefinitely suspended.Redyrider has reserved full discretion to permanently disable or to suspend a User's account in case of any of the above listed events and shall not be liable to share any information whatsoever about the account.
  2. You accept to take responsibility for the Services that will be availed through your Redyrider account or other activities undertaken through your account or password, including saved content, posted or transferred through your Redyrider account even when the posted content or any activity undertaken is done by someone who has access to your Redyrider account, with or without your consent or authorization. Redyrider will not be held accountable for any changes in your account that make the use of your account by any third party attributable, with or without your consent. You hereby agree to not hold Us accountable in such an event. We will not bear the liability to any person or for any loss or damage that will be caused as a result of Your inability to protect your account details and password for your Redyrider account.
  3. If You are aware of or suspect anyone unauthorized who knows your Redyrider password or for any other breach of security, You should immediately notify Us by contacting Us through the "Contact Us" section provided, and in no case, later than 24 hours. If Redyrider has a reason to believe that the App could be misused or a breach of security might occur, We may ask you to change the password of Your Redyrider account or we may even suspend your account without any prior notice to you and without any liability to Redyrider. Without any disadvantages to the to the above, Redyrider has reserved the right to recover any and all damages from You, loss or costs that have to be levied or suffered by Redyrider or Redyrider vendors(s), Operator(s) or any passengers or Users due to the misuse of your Redyrider account or the password of your Redyrider account, the due reasons being or not being attributable to You. We will not be held accountable in any event whatsoever for the misuse of your Redyrider account by another person with or without your consent.


  1. You accept to not upload, modify, display, host, transmit, publish, share or update any information that:
  2. is belonging to another person and to which the User does not hold any kind of right;
  3. is grossly, whether directly or indirectly, blasphemous, harassing, harmful, outrageous, obscene, defamatory, pedophilic, libelous, hateful, racially or ethnically objectionable, pornographic, disparaging, invasive to another's privacy, encouraging or relating to gambling or money laundering, or unlawful in any other manner whatsoever;
  4. is harmful to minors in any way;
  5. causes infringement of any copyright, trademark, patent or any other proprietary rights;
  6. impersonates another entity or person;
  7. violates any enforced law in the time being;
  8. misleads or deceives the addressee regarding the communication of any information or message that is grossly menacing and offensive;
  9. threatens the public order, the integrity, unity, defense, security or the sovereignty of India, friendly foreign state relations, or is insulting another nation, or does not allow the investigation of any other offence or induces the commitment of any cognizable offence;
  10. contains malicious viruses or any other computerized codes, files or any other program of destructive nature to disrupt the functionality of Redyrider.





While You use the App or send data, emails, information or make any other sort of communication with Us, You understand and accept that You are communicating with Redyrider via electronic records and You hence agree to be communicated with through electronic records from Redyrider whenever required. Redyrider may communicate with You through email or through other modes of communication, electronic or otherwise.




  1. It is accepted nad understood by the User that the Redyrider App allows the Users to avail the Services for the transportation from a place to another on Vehicles along the specified and pre determined routes and time as previously accepted by the Operator in agreement with Redyrider. By the usage of this App, You agree to a contract with Redyrider for availing the Services in compliance with the terms and conditions mentioned herein. Redyrider has reserved the rights to modify or remove or alter existing drop off or pick up points or routes and the fee or charges and the timings of the Services without issuing any prior notice, from time to time. Before availing the Services, verification of the same will be the responsibility of the User. Redyrider shall not be held liable in any way for any kind of inconvenience caused due to the changes mentioned in this clause to the User.
  2. At the time if making an entry about a Vehicle, the User will be required to provide and verify his or her identity in order to abide by the law or regulations in connection with carrying out the contract.
  3. This App functions as a facilitator for the User to make use of the Services. By signing up for using the App, the User agrees to a bipartite agreement for availing the Services on the Vehicles for his or her transportation, as provided by the App.
  4. It is hereby accepted that Redyrider itself is not providing any transportation services. It abides by a contract with the Operators for using their Vehicles as a whole on the basis of a contract and the User who enters into this agrees to avail the Services by the usage of the App to have access to the Vehicles provided by the Operator through the App.
  5. Redyrider, under no circumstances, will accept any liability for the quality of the transportation provided by the Operator. Redyrider will not take responsibility relating to the actions, acts, behaviour, conduct, omissions, and/or negligence, accidents, defaults, misconduct on the Operator's part, drivers, co-passengers, drivers, conductors, other crew or helpers of the Vehicle.
  6. Redyrider does not represent or warrants any of the Operators or their Vehicles, drivers, helpers, conductors, and other crew of the Vehicle as to any specifics such as quality, value, background, efficiency, etc of the offered services through the Operator andRedyrider will accept no responsibility for any omission or errors thereof.



The under listed terms and conditions will apply to User(s) who are using the App and / or the Services:

  1. For making use of the Services through the App, the User will have to purchase packages of subscriptions that are available on the App through their Redyrider account and pay the applicable fare and any other fee or levy, applicable taxes and tolls that are currently payable or imposed by law hereinafter or that will be required to be paid for being able to use the Services. Redyrider has reserved the rights to modify the fare for the Services provided at any time at its own discretion, without giving any prior notice. Redyrider will not be held accountable to refund or pay back any amount that is collected from the User post any booking of Services that could not be availed by the User for whatever reason. No refund will be made by Redyrider to the User for payments that the User makes for using a subscription package for making use of the Services. In any case, if any refund has to be made by Redyrider in this event, the same will be made by Redyrider at its sole discretion on reasonable basis, varying from case to case as per Redyrider’s internal policy, as applied, from time to time.
  2. The User accepts and agrees to use the App and its Services at their own risk and therefore accepts that Redyrider disclaims every warrant and representation, implied or expressed.
  3. While in a Vehicle, the User hereby accepts to not indulge in any of the activities listed as follows:
  4. Consumption of any intoxicating substance ir smoking inside the vehicle;
  5. Littering in the vehicle;
  6. Damaging or dirtying any seeats or interiors of the Vehicle;
  7. Making misuse of or destroying or damaging any device, technical or non technical inside the vehicle;
  8. Asking the driver to break any traffic rules/city police/government/RTO rules for any kind of purpose. The driver might rightfully refuse such a request made by the User.
  9. Causing restrictions of any manner in the discussions occurring between the driver and a government representative or official;
  10. Any misconduct, unforeseen incident, or harassment of any kind towards women, drivers, other co passengers, conductors or any other crew of the Vehicle.
  11. Any verbal spat or altercation with the driver, co-passengers, or other crew of the Vehicles.


In case of occurrence or the possibility of occurrence of the stated events, the driver and/or the conductor have the right to refuse to pick the User up or ask them to alight the Vehicle and Redyrider will have the right to suspend or terminate the Services usage to the User concerned and/or block the User from using, temporarily or permanently, the App and may also claim indemnities for the loss or damage indirectly or directly hence caused to Redyrider. To take these stated actions against the User who is the defaulter, the deciding evidence will that be of the accounts of the incident as provided to Redyrider by the driver, conductor or any other representative of the Operator present in the Vehicle at the time.

The User hence agrees that the information that is provided by the  driver, conductor or any other representative of the Operator present in the Vehicle at the time, to Redyrider shall act as the deciding evidence in the case of any such event for Redyrider to undertake action against the defaulting User.

  1. The User will not make any attempts to get any unauthorized access to any feature, or any other network or system of the App by password mining, hacking or any other unlawful methods.
  2. The User will not scan, test or probe the App's vulnerability or other networks that are connected to the App, nor breach the authentication amd security terms. You shall not trace, reverse search or try to trace or seek any sort of information about another User or visitor of the App or even another customer on the App on accounts that are not owned by You or in any way exploit the Services of the App made available to You where the purpose is to disclose any data, that will include but not stay limited to the personal information or identity, other than your information, as offered by the App. Furthermore, you shall not access the App or reverse engineer it in order to create a) A similar competitive service or  product; or b) Duplicate any feature/fumction or idea of the App.
  3. The User will not make any demeaning, negative or any defamatory comment(s) or statement(s) about Redyrider or the name of the brand or any other domain name used by Redyrider or engage in any kind of misconduct that might tarnish the image of Redyrider's service or trade marks, the trade name and/or the goodwill linked to such service and trade marks, trade names, as owned or used by Redyrider. The User accepts to not undertake any action that inflicts a disproportionate or unfairly large load on the App's infrastructure, network, systems, or any other connected networks or systems.
  4. The User should not use the App or any content of the App for any unlawful motive prohibited by the Terms of Use, or to encourage the undertaking of any unlawful act or activity of any sort that infringes the rights of Redyrider and/or others.
  5. At all times, the User shall ensure complete acceptance of the applicable provisions of the Information Technology Act, 2000 and the rules mentioned thereunder, the amendments from time to time, regarding the User's use of the App. The User shall not indulge in any transaction that is not allowed by the rules of any applicable law enforced in the time being.
  6. The User understands and agrees that Redyrider is not liable for any unauthorized or unlawful usage of any personal information that the User publicly reveals or shares with others on the App.




  1. The User shall use the Services by making transactions through their Redyrider account the subscription deals as offered on the App by availing the Payment Facility (“Credits”).
  2. All payments carried out by the User to purchase the subscription packages through Payment Facility should be shown in the User’s wallet in the User’s Redyrider account in the form of Credits, that is a closed system payment instrument falling within the master circular's meaning as issued by the Reserve Bank of India. The User accepts and understands the restrictions on the use of the Credits as a result of it being a closed system payment instrument.
  3. While making a booking with the help of the App, the Credits of an equal amount towards the applicable fare and applied statutory levy, taxes and tolls for the concerned journey should be reduced from the User’s wallet.
  4. It is accepted by the User that the purchase of the Credits, once made, are final and non-refundable. To elaborate, there will be no refunding of Credits or the monetary equivalent of Credits, once the amount has been transacted for purchasing the Credits by the User by utilising the Payment Facility.
  5. If the User does not use the Services for a continued duration of 6 (six) months then any unavailed Credits present in the User’s Wallet in his Redyrider account may be revoked by Redyrider at its own discretion. However, Redyrider, at it’s sole discretion, may, upon a request made via the App, transfer the Credits present in the Redyrider account of the User, to the Redyrider account of another User who is registered on the App. But, the transferee cannot obtain any monetary equivalent for the transferred unused Credits.
  6. While using the Payment Facility, Redyrider will not be held accountable or assume any responsibility, in case of any loss or damage caused indirectly or directly to the User due to:

- Lack of authorization for any transaction/s, or

- Unauthorized/ illegal use of the Credits, or

- Crossing the preset limit mutually agreed to between the User and bank(s), or

- Any payment issues caused by the transaction, or

- Declining the transaction for any other reason/s.

  1. All the transactions carried out by the User for the Services via the Payment Facility should have Indian Rupees as the prevalent currency. The App will not facilitate payments with respect to any other underlying currency with respect to the payments done on the App.
  2. All the commercial terms relating to the Services are as per bipartite contractual obligations between the User and Redyrider and the Payment Facility is used by the User to carry out transactions. Use of the Payment Facility shall not render Redyrider liable or accountable for the damage, breach of warranty and representation, non-payment, non provision of Services or fraud with respect to the Services available on the App.
  3. You acknowledge, accept and agree that the Payment Facility that is offered on the App is not a banking or financial service but is only a facility that provides an electronic, automated online electronic payment and remittance for the transactions on the App by using the existing authorized banking infrastructure and payment gateway networks. Further, by providing Payment Facility on the App, Redyrider is neither acting as a trustee, agent, collaborator of banking organisation or payment gateway networks nor acting in a fiduciary capacity.
  4. Redyrider has reserved the right to deny to process the requests for Services by a User with a former history of questionable charges including those without limitation breach of any agreements by the User with Redyrider or violation of any law or any charges inflicted by issuing bank or violation of any policy.
  5. The User understands that Redyrider shall not be accountable for any damages, claims or interests etc. resulting from unprocessed request for Services by the User or any postponement in processing such request for Services which happens for technical reasons and/or is beyond the control of Redyrider.
  6. The User will be issued an online receipt on making a booking through the App. The receipt will contain information of the Vehicle and the time of the provision of the Service.




  1. Neither Redyrider nor any of its directors, officers, employees, and agents shall be accountable for any losses or damages, direct or indirect, special, punitive, exemplary, or consequential damages of any kind, inclusive of, but not limited to lost profits, arising from the availing of the Services. Any claim made against the Operator or the Operator’s staff or other passengers or Users shall be made by the User directly with them and Redyrider will not be a part of such claim.



  1. Redyrider is hereby authorized by the User to make use of the location based information by any of the telecommunication companies when the User uses the mobile phone to make a booking for the Services. The location based information will be utilised only to facilitate and improve the locating of a Vehicle for the User.


  1. Redyrider is entitled at any time without giving any reason to terminate the booking on the Vehicle done by the User.


  1. If any User can't avail the Vehicle on time, Redyrider will not be taking responsibility to compensate or refund to the User or for making any other arrangement for the User's transportation.


  1. Abiding by the terms specified, if the Vehicle has not reached the User on the given pick up point due to reasons owing to Redyrider, only then a User should make another arrangement.


  1. Redyrider requests all Users to be responsible about their own belongings. If the User loses any item during a journey, Redyrider will help them find the item but will not be accountable for the loss occurred and shall not cover for it. By this clause, the User loses any right to make a claim against Redyrider in this case. If the User leaves behind any item in the Vehicle or has a complaint about the use of the Vehicle, Redyrider must be informed by the User within 24 hours of utilising the Services.


  1. Redyrider is entitled to add, modify or amend any of these terms and conditions at any time and these are all binding upon the User, once these modifications, variations, amendments are incorporated in the terms and conditions as provided on the App on the date that Redyrider will implicate the addition or modification or variation into force.


  1. It has been clarified to You that Redyrider does not own any of the Vehicles, nor does it directly or indirectly employ any driver or conductor for the Vehicles. All of these are under the ownership of the Operator. Therefore, Redyrider will not take any responsibility with respect to the drivers, helpers,  conductors or other crew of the Vehicle. Redyrider,  however, would like you to inform Us about any complaints that you may hold against the Vehicle or the driver who You have hired by using the App. 


  1. The User hereby renounces any right to claim damages or losses of any kind from Redyrider caused due to actions of another User or their co-passenger in the Vehicle.


  1. If Redyrider is suspicious of any User being involved in any kind of event that involves providing false claims or information, that is misleading in nature, or is engaged in any illegal or unlawful activity while availing the Services, then Redyrider, to reserve it's rights may take matters to court and start a criminal or civil proceeding that will include lodging a complaint against the User and under it's own discretion the App may also suspend or terminate the account of the User or related Users.


  1. Due to technical troubles, if the App is unavailable for a certain period of time for causes beyond Redyrider's control, Redyrider disclaims any responsibility for it and shall not be held accountable.






The App and the Services, included in or provided to You through the App, are made available on an 'as is' and 'as available' basis without any warranty or representation, implied or expressed except if given in writing. Without  disadvantaging this paragraph, Redyrider does not warrant that:


  1. The App will be available constantly or all the time; or
  2. The information provided on the App is true, accurate, complete or does not mislead; or
  3. The User's requirements will be met by the Services; or

4.Uninterrupted, reliable,  safe, secure,  timely,  error free,  suitable Services will be provided; or

  1. Accepted Services will be performed definitely.

You agree that all the risks arising out of your availing of the Services or any requested service or good requested in any connection hereby remains with you solely.   Redyrider doesn't assure the suitability,  quality, ability or safety of any third party providers. 

The Services accessed by the User in the App that have been provided by the App linked to any third party content (including advertising) and services that Redyrider doesn't control. You understand that for these third party services and content, different terms and conditions of use and privacy policies may apply. Redyrider doesn't advertise such third party content and services and under no circumstances shall Redyrider take liability for any such third party products or their services.


The User hence understands and accepts that the disclaimers and limitations mentioned in this Terms of Use, are reasonably fair and all the Users fully accord to it as per their requirement for the protection of Redyrider's business, continuity, existence and goodwill.




  1. Redyrider solely owns the lawful license of all the content and the rights of the App. App content stands for the text, layout, design,  sound,  graphics, video and other media. All ownership, title and intellectual property rights in the App and it's content will rest with Redyrider.
  2. All other rights that have not been listed under this agreement are also claimed and reserved by Redyrider. The information available on this App has been provided with the sole intent of the availability of general information for the reader's personal use who shall fully accept responsibility for its use. Redyrider does not advertise or represent the perfectness, accuracy or the reliability of any such advertisements or information linked, distributed or available on, accessed or downloaded from any Services of the App, or for any of the data and information presented to You through an advertisement or any information or offers connected to the service.
  3. We will not be held accountable for any omissions or error or for any result that is procured through usage of this information. All the information provided on this App is "as is" without any assurance of timeliness, accuracy or completeness or of the procured results through the utilisation of this information, and without any warranty, implied or expressed, inclusive of, but not restricted to warranties of merchantability, fitness and performance for a specific purpose.
  4. Users must understand that relying upon any content is a risk they solely undertake and that nothing hereby should replace the independent investigation and the business judgement of the User(s).
  5. Redyrider has reserved the right, in its own discretion and free of any obligation, to make improvements to, ammend or omit any part of the App.
  6. You are allowed to use the information purposely provided on this App, given that (1) You use such information for your personal and non commercial use solely, for informational purpose and you do not duplicate or post any of this information on a computer network or broadcast it in the media. (2) do not erase any language of proprietary notice in all the duplicates of your documents, (3) don't make any surplus warranties or representation in addition to the existing ones, and (4) don't modify any information.


  1. The material provided on the App is only for Your personal use that is non-commercial in nature. You should not duplicate, regenerate, republish, post, upload, distribute or transmit this material in any way, inclusive of email or other electronic media, directly or indirectly. You should not assist or encourage any other person to do so either. Without a formerly written consent from the owner, modification, changes or usage of materials on another networked computer or website or the usage of the materials for any motives other than personal, non-commercial utilisation violates trademarks, copyrights, and proprietary rights, and is hence forbidden. Any utilisation that earns You any returns, monetary or otherwise, is considered as a commercial use for the purpose of this clause.
  2. Trademark complaint: Redyrider respects others' intellectual property. In case You feel the infringement of Your Trademark, You can write to Redyrider at ______


Refund and Cancellation Policy

Our focus is complete customer satisfaction. In the event, if you are displeased with the services provided, we will refund back the money, provided the reasons are genuine and proved after investigation. Please read the fine prints of each deal before buying it, it provides all the details about the services or the product you purchase.

In case of dissatisfaction from our services, clients have the liberty to cancel their projects and request a refund from us. Our Policy for the cancellation and refund will be as follows:

Cancellation Policy
For Cancellations please contact the us via contact us link.
Requests received later than ____business days prior to the end of the current service period will be treated as cancellation of services for the next service period.

Refund Policy
We will try our best to create the suitable design concepts for our clients.
In case any client is not completely satisfied with our products we can provide a refund.
If paid by credit card, refunds will be issued to the original credit card provided at the time of purchase and in case of payment gateway name payments refund will be made to the same account.




You will indemnify and not hold accountable Redyrider, the owner, affiliates, licensee, group companies, subsidiaries and their respective officers, agents, directors and employees to the greatest extent from any kind of demand or claim, losses incurred or suffered, or likely to be suffered through or incurred or for actions including reasonable fee of an attorney, made by a third party or any kind of fine or penalty inflicted due to Your breach of Terms of Use or if You violate any rules and regulations, law, rights (also including the violation of intellectual property rights) of a third party, or for any misinterpretation made by You, upon demand.



Redyrider has reserved the rights to terminate the access to certain features of the App for any reason, with or without issuing any prior notice. Redyrider reserves the unconditional and universal right to not grant access to a particular User/Users to any or all of its Services without providing any explanation or prior notice to safeguard the interests of Redyrider and/or other App Users. Redyrider has reserved the right to deny, limit or create another access to the App and its Services with respect to another User(s) or to modify the features or introduce new ones without any prior notification.




The Terms of Use will be monitored by and interpreted and will be acted upon in compliance with the laws of India. The exclusive jurisdiction with respect to any of the matters that are caused by the usage of the App or the agreements and arrangements between the User(s) and Redyrider.




The above listed Terms of Use include the whole agreement between Redyrider and the User(s), subject to the access and usage of the App, standing above any prior oral or written agreements regarding the matter stated herein.





Contact Us at ____ regarding any queries or comments (including questions not relating to copyright infringement) about this App.






  1. In compliance with Information Technology Act, 2000 and the rules listed thereunder, the contact details of the Grievance Officer are given below:




  1. Any aggrieved person who has suffered due to the access or the usage of the App can inform the Grievance Officer, in a written letter within five business days of the event. The Grievance Officer, within a month from the date of the receipt of the complaint, will address the given complaint.

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