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All-in-one solution

Leading companies across India trust us to make their employees’ commute smarter, safer and delightful.

  • Address Pickup

    Address Pickup

    We always pick up our clients on time, 24/7 availability.

  • Airport Transfer

    Reserved Seating

    Relax on comfortable seats,no more standing.

  • Long Distance

    Affordable Pricing

    Travel daily from home to office starting at ₹2 per km*.

  • Taxi Tours

    AC Buses

    We offer taxi tours of various durations and complexity.

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About Us

Redyrider is an android app based pool car service in order to make your daily transport more relaxing, smoother and faster. It is one of the most prospective start up based in West Bengal. Redyrider Trans Services Pvt. Ltd. headed by Manas Saha...... who is very veteran in transport business. With redyrider, for the first time any app based transport start up launching in Kolkata. It is a start of new era of Kolkatan Business Feternity. Bengal again have started dreaming with RedyRider. Journey has been started ......

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Our Benefits

Fixed Price

Fixed Price

The fixed fare is set in every bus as the main tariff.

No Fee

No Fee

We guarantee fixed price and you should not pay tips.

100% Pleasure

100% Pleasure

We have a lot of standing customer and high ratings.



Our application is the easiest way to book a taxi.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Our app is fully customizable for your needs.

100% Pleasure

Low Cost

We are able to consistently deliver better service at lower cost.

Quick & Easy Booking

Discover best routes in and
around your city

Choose a suitable time slot
and reserve your seat

Get your ride details and
track it in real time



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  • Luxury cars
  • No fee
  • Weekly payment
  • Weekly payment
  • Good application
  • Stable orders
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