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How to Successfully Book an AC Bus Service for Office Commutation in Kolkata?

  • 2022-01-11
  • Admin

Office commutation is a hectic and tiresome process if you don't have the right source of transportation. Thus, securing a safe and dependable source of transportation for office commutation purposes is the best option. AC bus services in Kolkata are available, making life easier for the office goers. You can now easily book such AC bus services using mobile-based apps and schedule the same for your office purposes. AC buses are comes with large movable seats. Hence, availing the same not only saves your road hassles but also helps you to travel comfortably, especially during the summer heat. 

However, many people in Kolkata are unaware of the process that can be used to book AC bus services for office commutation purposes. Read  to know more about the simple steps that you must follow to book an office ride conveniently. 

Steps to book an AC bus service for office commutation

Download AC bus app

There are numerous AC bus apps available to download and operate through the mobile phone. Check the rating and reviews before accessing the AC bus app. There are bus services available daily, and again there are the ones you can avail of occasionally. Double-check the app and select the one which offers the best services.

Choose the bus type

Both AC and non-AC buses are available for office commutation purposes. Make sure that you choose the one suiting your needs. Depending on the rates, you can make the selection. If you're comfortable with non AC buses, there's no harm in availing one. AC buses are also available. One can choose their according to one’s own preference.

Schedule your ride

Make sure that you pre book the ride  to avoid any hassles. The app will give you the option of scheduling the rides. Depending on when you want to reach your office, schedule the rides. You'll get the details of the bus along with the vehicle details and the arrival time. Reach your stoppage on time and avail yourself of the ride comfortably to the office.

Make payments

The apps will give you the option of making payments. Select the type of payment method which suits you. You can either make payments through your card or mobile online payment applications or from app wallet. There are options of rechecking payment method before you avail of the ride. Choose any mode of payment and avail rides comfortably. 

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